Recovery in the Lifestyle : RitL is a fellowship of BDSM lifestyle people and guests who are in recovery or would like to be. It is based on the 12 steps of recovery and recognizes that anonymity is most important for us all.

Letters of Support

To Whom It May Concern;

Having seen how people can change for the better I am a very big supporter of the various 12 step programs. The BDSM lifestyle community to which I belong, include people who for years have been dealing with their personal issues in different ways, some with more success than others.

Most members of the general public have no idea what is involved in the BDSM lifestyle. As members of this community you tend to keep to yourself about your personal preferences, desires and addictions.

It was a wonderful day when I saw that Stormy had taken the initiative and started "Recovery In The Lifestyle" for the express purpose of helping the members of the BDSM community in South Florida. I have been amazed over the years how lives have been changed by the existence of these support groups. I have seen people who seemed to be wandering aimlessly but after finding a group and committing to the program, now lead responsible lives dealing with life's issues head on.

They now have the added opportunity for success with the support of their friends who not only share their addictions but a unique lifestyle. Having these two things in common make for a bond which I think is much stronger than most programs can offer.

The tireless efforts made by Stormy, Master Jay and the other members of the "Recovery In The Lifestyle" group are showing more and more fruits of their labors every week.

I am proud to call people with such strong character and values friends and if my attendance and support help in anyway I am very happy and I will continue to be there watching the miracle of changed lives take place as a result of the caring and sharing of friends.

Good luck Stormy & MJ, like a snowball rolling down a hill, may the recovery group, your committed efforts and good karma continue to grow from here in Fort Lauderdale to wherever the path leads


Brad J
Pompano Beach, Florida

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