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Letters of Support

Tonight at my meeting the topic was miracles ...

As I sat and listened to a room full of people share their incredible personal miracles...

I thought long and hard about the miracles in my life since being in the program such a short time.

While sitting there I was saying to myself ... "I don't think I've experienced miracles yet."

I had convinced myself it was too early for me to experience significant miracles like that which I had heard from others.

When I got home, I immediately walked the dog.

A miracle?

Well for me, Yeah! My typical routine is to immediately go to the fridge and immediately consume anything which usual begins the endless obsession for the night.

Not tonight. Despite the stressful day, food was not my obsession. The dog and I took a nice walk, longer than usual.

I used the quiet time on my walk to reflected upon the meeting and my personal miracles.

-- This email ...a bit of a miracle for me. Speaking out and sharing my problem with others is terribly difficult for me still. Although I want to share in meetings so very much, it just doesn't happen. I feel like this incredibly shy introverted lil girl inside, afraid to let people see my faults and hiding from everyone, including myself.

I don't want to hide anymore. I want to get well. So although a somewhat safe step, I'm taking a step... and sharing with a few cherished friends.

So here goes... Hi my name is Lisa, I am a food addict.

Perhaps this step will help me lead to the next... becoming an active participant in meetings.

-- I thought of special people that had impacted my life lately and I've realized that since moving back to south Florida that I have been gratefully blessed with unbelievably wonderful, genuine, caring special friends, both new and old. I could not do it without you in my life. I am sincerely grateful for you. Thank You, my friend - By simply being You... You are a miracle and inspiration in my life.

I came to understand that I really am powerless over food and recognize my compulsive behaviors. I have come to accept that I can do without that first compulsive bite in times of pain, stress, hurt, loneliness and boredom.

In tonight's meeting I committed to abstinence for the next 24 hours. I will refrain from overeating, bingeing, and eating at any other times, other than my regular meals for the next 24 hours. A miracle.

One moment at a time. One meal at a time. One day at a time.

Thank you for being a miracle, friend.

Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing with me.

Have a wonderful tomorrow.

Love and hugs,


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