Recovery in the Lifestyle : RitL is a fellowship of BDSM lifestyle people and guests who are in recovery or would like to be. It is based on the 12 steps of recovery and recognizes that anonymity is most important for us all.

General Services for Recovery in the Lifestyle

In the past, a small group of us have served as the "Steering Committee" for RitL. The goal and intent was to have an informed consensus to deal with general operating issues regarding the fellowship. As RitL has grown, we felt it was time to create a more formal general services committee to help the RitL fellowship.

In order to do this best, we schedule telephone conference calls. The calls take place on the weekends. And we try to ensure that the meetings go no longer than 60 minutes.

We ask that anyone who is interested in joining on the call, please notify us by sending an e-mail to:

We ask that anyone who wishes to propose a topic for the agenda, please send a brief description of the topic to at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The agenda will be sent out the morning of the meeting, along with all the call in numbers needed.

Mags acts as the call's chairperson, and RockerZee acts as secretary for the meeting. We will make the business meeting notes available for download from the RitL website after committee approval.

Please contact us if you have any interest in joining and supporting the General Service calls and RitL. We hope to get attendees from all areas that have RitL meetings, as well as people interested in bringing RitL meetings to their area.

In service and fellowship,
- Aarkey


RitL Conference Call Minutes


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